Bumper Pros has been painting and repairing bumpers at our dealership for over a year. The quality and value of their work is unparalleled by other bumper repair companies. Bumper Pros are polite, professional, punctual and has fair prices.
Cherry Creek Automotive strongly recommends their work.
Sincerely, Justin Franks
— Justin Franks, Owner, Cherry Creek Automotive, 2/11/15
Bumper Pros has been great. We have been using them since they first got started and it has been nothing but a pleasure. They are prompt, diligent and have very fair pricing.
— Zach H, General Manager, Carboard., 12/16/14
I have been using Bumper Pros for some time now and am very happy with both their prices and the quality of their work. They are very professional from start to finish and leave the work area as clean as they started. Top notch in my book and would recommend highly.
— Zach, Frontline Auto Brokers, 2/5/15
Bumper Pros shows up on time, communicates well with me, offers fair pricing and quality work. Five star service.
— Rick Stephenson, Stephenson's Used Cars, 2/6/15
Bumper Pros are doing all our work on our bumpers. They do a fantastic Job!! Sometimes to good, we have to paint the car to look as good as the bumper. No kidding, awesome work.
— General Manager, American Auto Sales & Leasing Inc.
Bumper Pros are one of our most preferred vendors. They are always on time, professional and their work is the best. They have fixed multiple bumpers for making them look brand new. The paint is always matched perfectly. Bumper Pros are truly the best!!
— A&B Auto
I was skeptical at first to use a mobile auto paint service. I gave Bumper Pros a shot on doing some bumper cover work and was really surprised on how well Bumper Pros quality of work turned out and their pricing was very competitive compared to the other quotes we got from mobile paint service competitors. I will use them for all my bumper and paint work. Well done to the team at Bumper Pros!
— Sinbad Auto Sales, LLC.